Wedding Tips from The Mansion

A simple tip for anyone planning a wedding – create an email specific to the event. 

The most obvious reason for creating a wedding email account – think [email protected]  – is that all of your wedding related correspondence will be in one location. My guess is that I’m not the only person who forgets if the information I’m looking for is in my personal email, work email Facebook messages or Pinterest pages.

The added benefit of creating a special email for your wedding is that you are now in charge of when you want to work on your wedding.  At first everyone is so excited as each ding of our smart phone announces new and exciting information, but after some time, those dings become constant interruptions to your day. By waiting to open your wedding emails at a time when you can focus, you will be more productive. You also will be less likely to make mistakes or forget to take care of a task at a later time.

Time will alternate between passing super slowly to flying by in a whirl as you get closer to your special day. Be good to yourself and use your time to your best advantage.

Wishing You Happily Ever After.

~ Kim Harvey, GM

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News Update: Public Events at Oak Hill Mansion

With Mother’s Day drawing ever closer, we want to let everyone know- Yes, we DO hold events that are open to the public. Generally, these are always holiday events and anyone wishing to attend must call in advance to make reservations.

Traditionally, we have always held public events for the following holidays:
- Easter
- Mother’s Day
- Thanksgiving
- Breakfast with Santa
- Old Fashioned Christmas Dinner & Show

With the exception of our Christmas events, seating times for our public events begin around noon with the last available seating time being 2:45pm. We can accommodate any size party, but to ensure you get your desired seating time, call ahead as soon as possible. Calling closer to the date may still work, as we sometimes get last minute cancellations. But typically, we do sell out for holiday events and we hate to disappoint any potential guests- so please call early!

If you would like to make reservations, please be aware that we don’t take payments the day of our events. We are a banquet facility, not a restaurant, and we don’t have cash registers on-site. Due to this reason, our prices for public events ALWAYS include tax and service charge (gratuity). When making your reservation, we will ask for a valid credit card to guarantee it. Then approximately one week before the event date, the credit card on file will be charged for that party’s total.


What if I need to cancel?
To make it easier on everyone, we ask that you call ahead to cancel at least (1) week ahead of time. Inside of this one week period, we will only cancel reservations in the case of extraordinary circumstances.

What if I have a large party, and several people want to pay for themselves?
Each member of the party who would like to pay should call to make reservations for only the amount of people they intend to pay for. Initially, the very first member of the party who calls should request a table large enough for everyone. All members of the party who intend to sit together should be able to fit at the table. After the table has been reserved, more individuals who would like to sit at that table may call and make a reservation under their own credit card and should request the table by name.

Will there be any brunch items?
With the exception of Breakfast with Santa, all of our holiday events are lunch or dinner events and do not include any breakfast or brunch type items. Since Breakfast with Santa is in the morning, this event features breakfast items. The specific menu for each event always varies. The menus typically feature a lot of our most popular items, prepared fresh for you by our on-site Chef.

Do I need to leave my server a tip?
Since your total charges include all tax and service, you are not required or expected to leave your server a tip. However, you may do so if you feel that you have received service that was above and beyond expectations. We love to hear that our servers are treating our guests very well.

I have dietary restrictions. Will there be any vegetarian or gluten free items?
We always try to accommodate special diets when we create our public event menus. There are always several vegetarian and gluten free items, from entrees to sides and deserts. Sugar free and gluten free deserts are generally available by request. If you have a special dietary restriction, please feel free to call and speak with our knowledgeable Event Staff. They would be happy to inform you of which items are diet-friendly.

Will there be champagne or alcoholic beverages?
Included with the price of your meal is water, tea, coffee, and lemonade. If you would like an alternative choice, most of our holiday events also feature a cash bar. Soft drinks and adult beverages will be available for purchase.

What is the age cut-off for children’s prices?
Adult pricing applies to everyone age 13 and above. Children’s pricing applies to ages 2-12. Infants 2 and under are free of charge. Please let us know when making your reservation if anyone in your party will require a highchair or booster seat. Our staff will pre-set those items at your table.

If you have any remaining questions concerning our public events, please call during business hours to speak with members of our Event Staff.

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New & Emerging Trend Alert!

Touching "First Look" Photo Shoot

Many tried and true traditions that have long been in style may be on the way out. Couples are looking for ways to make their wedding day as special and as unique as they are. The possibilities are endless, but see below for a peek into some of the latest emerging trends.

Tradition #1: Don’t See the Bride Before the Wedding
Traditionally, it has always been taboo for the Groom to catch even a glimpse of the Bride before the ceremony. It was said that if the Groom saw the Bride before the wedding, it would result in very bad luck for the newly wed couple. Now, more and more couples are making their own luck and choosing to see each other beforehand for a private and heartfelt “first look” photo shoot.
Choosing to see each other before the ceremony allows the couple to take a majority of their pictures together at that time, rather than in between the ceremony and reception. (Note: It is a MUST to have the photographer capture the expression on the Groom’s face as he first sees his Bride!) Taking pictures together before the ceremony will allow you time to actually mingle with guests and enjoy the cocktail hour, and also will give you a few precious moments to spend with your betrothed before the wedding day craziness sets in.
Worried that seeing each other beforehand will make walking down the aisle less emotional? Many couples say that walking down the aisle is still just as special, if not more so. Seeing each other for a first look allows them to have an intimate moment alone, let the worst of their nerves settle, and then focus fully on the amazing feeling that comes when you’re walking down the aisle towards the person you love.

Tradition #2: Serve Wedding Cake
Will there be cake at a wedding? The answer has always been yes. Until now! Cake definitely won’t go out of style anytime soon, but more and more couples are choosing a cake alternative. Some of the most popular choices include cupcakes or a dessert table. Dessert tables could feature several types of mini desserts and candies. Get more bang for your buck and leave small favor boxes or bags on your dessert table. Your guests can fill their own favor bags to-go! Some couples even choose to still order a small, one tier cake for the “cake cutting ceremony” so they don’t miss out on picture opportunities and smashing a bite in their newly beloved’s face. Ahh, true love.

Tradition #3: Wear a White Dress
This trend began in the 19th Century, when then Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom wed Prince Albert in 1840 and wore a magnificent white gown. Though this trend has not been common in all cultures, it is still quite common in Western cultures for the bride to wear either white or ivory on her wedding day. However, many designers are coming out with new ideas- and brides looking for unique ways to express their individuality love it! Gowns in blush, nude, champagne, light gray, and patterns are slowly making their way into bridal boutiques everywhere. Want to be a little daring, but unsure of a colored dress? Add a pop of color to the ensemble with a colored sash, shoes, or statement accessories.

Tradition #4: Get Hitched on a Saturday
Saturday evenings in May through October are generally the most popular times to get married. This is convenient for most guests, especially if they work or are traveling in from out of town. However, premium pricing for this time slot is almost always in effect- and many budget-conscious brides start looking for alternatives. Friday evenings are becoming more and more popular, as are daytime weddings on Saturdays and Sundays. There can be many appealing aspects to choosing a different day of the week. Usually, many vendors will be able to offer couples discounts for services booked on a Friday or Sunday. Depending on the size and scope of your big day, the savings can be significant.

How will you be making your big day unique? Do you know someone who opted for an untraditional wedding? Let us know below!

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Trend – BURLAP!

Looking for a very “earthy” feel for your wedding? Start thinking Burlap! I think this theme works beautifully with all of the decor surrounding The Mansion!

Something you can DIY! 


This bouquet is beautiful! It is SO my best friend Erica! I cannot wait for her wedding next summer!

Like the idea of the table runners? We are able to get these so if you are interested just ask us and we are happy to order and set them up for you!

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We sure are seeing alot of…

Wedding season is right around the corner and we cannot WAIT! I just love seeing all of our weddings come together. Seeing my Bride’s vision come to life is one of my favorite parts of my job! I am in the process of finalizing with my May, June and July Brides and I have to say I am pretty pumped to see all of these fun color and style combinations!

Lovely Lace

 Ever since the Royal wedding I have seen an increase of Lace Wedding Dresses, but you also can incorporate the same fabric textile in your wedding cake to give it a different look!

Orange you glad you are getting married (okay that was a little cheesy!), but seriously who knew this looked so good with so many different accent colors (navy, pink, purple, green, yellow, peacock blue, gray the list goes on and on!)… 

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Buffet vs. Plated Meal

The age old question amongst a million other things my Brides think about is…”Do I choose to have a plated meal or buffet at my wedding?” The decision can be daunting for some, but no worries my friends I am here to guide you in the right direction! There are benefits to both and it really comes down what type of Bride you are.

Buffets are great because it gives your guests multiple options. It also takes the stress off of you because you don’t have to worry if Aunt Sally at table #3 is a vegetarian because she will have multiple options to choose from on the Buffet. Your guests are able to move around and socialize with one another during this process. One thing that we do here at The Mansion is serve the salads and wedding cake to the tables this way your guests are not carrying three different plates trying to get through your food line. We will also dismiss your guests by their tables to go through the buffet removing the dreaded “long line” that you stood in for thirty minutes at your friends wedding and just hated. You may choose to do assigned seating or simply reserve a few tables close to the Head Table for family if choosing this option.

Plated meals on the other hand will require assigned tables/seating. The positive to this type of meal is that your guests can stay seated throughout the entire dinner serve. You will need to notify your event planner and our staff of how many of each meal is to go to which table. It will also help if you can distinguish on your guests placecard which meal they have selected (sometimes people forget which option they have chosen when they had to RSVP two months prior to your wedding…oops!).

If you are still on the fence between the two talk to your Event Planner and will be able to help you make the right decision for your event!



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Wedding Day Hair

Need Wedding Day hair ideas? Here are a few…

I am not even going to try to hide it…I am a little obsessed with this. You could even take the headband off for the ceremony then put something like this in for fun right before the reception!



Fun 50′s look…

My personal all time favorite!

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Mason Jars

I dedicate this day to the Mason Jar ;)  There are so many fun things you can do with these little guys!

Cool way to serve drinks at a party!


Dress up your jar…

I just LOVE this! Such a pretty table decoration and so SIMPLE.


Everyone is always looking to add a little something to their ceremony chairs. Just imagine seeing this as you are walking down the aisle…BEAUTIFUL!

Use as favors or escort cards…fill up the jar with your favorite goodies! Who wouldn’t be excited to get something like this?

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Exciting News to Share!

Hi Everyone!

 I am thrilled to announce that I am now recognized as a PBC (Professional Bridal Consultant) through ABC (Association of Bridal Consultants). It has taken me a while to get here, but I finally did it! A big thanks to Gloria Boyden with Events By Design ( with helping me organize my binder! If anyone is interested in joining ABC visit

Happy Wedding Planning!



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Alternative Guest Book Ideas

When finalizing with my Brides one of the questions I always ask them (amongst a million other things) is if they need a table for a guest book. It got me to thinking what do we do with our guest books after the wedding? For some it merely sits on their coffee table for guests to look at when they visit, others store it away in their bookcase and if you are like many of my friends it has found it’s way into your “I don’t know where to put it so I will put it here for now drawer” (admit it we all have one of these).

Here are a few funky new ideas for guest books that are sure to be a huge hit with your guests…

 ”Rock”  your Guest Book – All you need is a table, vase, sharpie and flat stones/rocks. Let your guests leave you words of encouragement. Also, keep in mind you can do the same thing using wine corks. The best part about this is you can reuse this as a centerpiece when you host a party at your house by simply adding a candle on top…whooo!


 WOTB (Write on the Bottle) – Place one bottle per guest table. This is a great activity for guests to do while waiting for Dinner to be served. On each anniversary you and your hubby can open one of these bottles and enjoy not only drinking it, but reading the fun messages your guests have left for you on your wedding day!

Hang-ing Out – After writing you a little message have your guests hang it on a tree branch. This makes for a great centerpiece or escort card idea as well. I LOVE taking pictures of these… they are so pretty when finished!

bLinG iT oUT - Who says you have to stick with a traditional white guest book? Find your favorite fabric at your local craft store and recover it. Feel free to personalize it with fun pearls, gems or whatever your little bride heart desires!

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